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2021 Honda Talon 1000X -- SOLD!!! (New)

2021 Honda Talon 1000X  -- SOLD!!!


You’ve heard the rumors; now it’s time to experience the reality. And one ride will tell you the new Honda Talon 1000X was worth the wait. And you’ll also see that it is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to do it all. Both the Talon 1000X and the Talon 1000R share the same powerful, high-output engine, Automatic DCT Transmission, and I-4WD technology package. And they also both offer the combination of performance and rider comfort you expect from a Honda. The differences? The Talon 1000X is 64 inches wide and has an 87.6-inch wheelbase. It also uses a three-link rear suspension, which makes it a natural for owners who prioritize maneuverability and quick handling. Since nobody knows better than you where you like to ride, why not check them out then make your pick. Either way, you really can’t go wrong when you choose a Honda Talon. Read more at